Wednesday, November 25, 2009

50 Things I'm Thankful For

I have a zillion things to be thankful for and here are fifty of them.
  1. The Internet. The single greatest invention of our time, I say.
  2. My pit-bull mix, Jeely. For teaching me that saying "never" most of the time doesn't work.
  3. My circle of friends. You people rock.
  4. Being alive. When asked what the most surprising thing about my heart transplant experience was, I always respond "that I made it out alive." No joke. It was tough. I am incredibly grateful, even now, to be alive.
  5. iTunes. How did I organize my music before? And talk about instant gratification.
  6. Really good design
  7. Noise cancelling headphones
  8. My new-to-me car and the friends that sold it to me.
  9. The fact that I can dispose of my old dead car easily and free just by donating it.
  10. Adobe products - most especially Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop
  11. A fantabulous husband who is also my best friend
  12. My crackberry (I'd be lying if it wasn't there!)
  13. Having a challenging and fulfilling job
  14. Legend of Zelda series and Rock Band for keeping me off the streets
  15. My mom and dad for being my inspirations
  16. Caramel macchiato lattes
  17. An affordable warm house
  18. My former low sodium diet for getting me off my butt and into the kitchen
  19. Facebook
  20. Digital cameras
  21. Almost everything that comes off a pig
  22. Sleeping
  23. Food that is so good you want to cry
  24. That I can leave my job at work so I have plenty of time for playing
  25. Treadmills (and that I can use them at ridiculously high inclines)
  26. Movies that make me laugh and that have no blood splatters
  27. People demonstrating kindness
  28. Google. Oh Google and your assorted and sundry products, I love thee.
  29. Wireless internet and the fact that I can get wireless internet/VoIP on my crackberry
  30. My incredible sister
  31. Color
  32. Living on the plains but only 20 minutes from spectacular mountains
  33. The possibility that a public option might actually happen (no more pre-existing conditions! no more lifetime cap!)
  34. A husband who is a computer genius
  35. Sweatpants
  36. Blogs
  37. My cats even though they never leave the laundry room any more
  38. A husband who makes wonderful lattes so we can occasionally save a couple of bucks
  39. Ready to assemble furniture until such time we decide that's where we want to spend our money
  40. Danskos
  41. Digital cameras for giving me something to scrapbook
  42. Art museums
  43. The Lord of the Rings books and movies
  44. Tivo. How did we live without this?
  45. Hulu. For when I forget to set my Tivo.
  46. Dishwashers
  47. My choirs for giving me a voice and not just for singing
  48. My night-owl genes because I love being the keeper of this legacy
  49. My new(ish) heart and the individual who said yes to being a donor
  50. God
Happy Thanksgiving!