Thursday, July 31, 2008

Everything Must Go!

This past week I've been literally cleaning out the closets. When my company downsized many years ago, we offloaded an office stocked for 300 people. The dregs of that massive effort, as I discovered last week, were STILL in the cabinets.


As I stood in the "kitchen", looking through our storage cabinet in there, I remembered obsessively keeping the cabinet the same over the course of the last several years. "Mustn't throw anything out..." I imagined myself muttering. "Must keep my precious the same."

Tricksy packrats.

Enough was enough. I realized that I've been afraid to throw anything away for the last 5 years. Time to let it all go. ALL of it go. A dumping spree ensued with hopefully benefiting those who can't buy their own school supplies.

Change propagates change. This weekend, Chris and I are doing the same with our house. It's time to move forward, not hang on to the past. My new heart pushed me into my future - and I'm claiming it.

Go forth and change.

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W J Wirth said...

Dare I repeat the notion of falling apples?