Saturday, October 4, 2008

Heinz 57

It's always been an endless source of speculation in our family - what breeds of dog make up our beloved mutts. We are pretty sure that Claude is a solid mix of German Shepard and black Lab.


See? Look at that sweet face and tell me there's no Shepard there.

My dog Bug is not quite so simple. With his copper fur and black spots on his tongue, the first guess has always been chow chow. But really? He isn't a one-person dog - he has several families which he loves. But he is somewhat independent and there is that curly tail.

We've gone through dozens of breed guesses - maybe he is a Spitz? What about some German Shepard? Perhaps some elkhound? I know! Maybe Australian Shepard. The vet guessed cattle dog.

What do you think?

So, in what was probably the most first-world purchase we've done in a long time, Chris and I sprung for a DNA test for our dog. Bug dutifully gave a sample of blood and off it went to the lab. The results came in yesterday.

It appears, like most mutts, Bug is a mix of many many different breeds. He is unique - unlike any other dog in the world. His most dominant breed is a....

A Chow Chow! With a trace of Golden Retriever. He's our little Chowtriever.

So there you go, that's our Buggy. I've always thought that Bug has the best traits of any of his breeds. He's happy, friendly, mellow and above all, a loving little companion.

Best. Dog. Ever.


Lisa said...

I am so happy we finally know what the bugaboo is!! I've always thought Claude has some husky in him, he has the face colorings and the husky bark. Whatever he is, he's a sweetie. I'm debating whether or not to get Sage's DNA tested.

Txgrrl said...

I totally forgot about husky. You are are right - I bet he is some sort of husky, Shepard, lab mix. You should get her tested! Do it at the vet - it is more expensive but I think they compare against every AKC breed.

Lisa said...

I would get Sage tested, but I'm not sure if "Dumbhound" is an actual AKC breed.

W J Wirth said...

One thing that distinguishes all of our dogs is loyalty - a good characteristic for any creature.