Sunday, March 29, 2009

This Song, Again?

The prompt: Three songs that are overplayed but you love anyway. 

This one was easy - I listen to the radio almost exclusively in my car (before I make my practice CDs for choir, that is) and my station is the king of the Repetitive Playlist. So, here are my picks.

Feels Like Tonight by Daughtry

Every time I drive somewhere in my car, I hear a Daughtry song. I've tested this. I could be driving from home to the grocery store and hear "Home" and then on the return trip, I will hear "Over You." To my own repetitive shame, I never change the channel on "Feels Like Tonight." There is something about the way the middle of the chorus goes up that feels sooo good in the vocal cords and for one minute, I'm a total rock star.

Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield

I don't even know what half the words are because every time I hear this song, all I can do is imagine how I could create a slammin' womens choral arrangement for it. I'm telling you, it would so rock.

Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp

All John Mellencamp reminds me of my Uncle Kevin, my fabulous late-uncle whose stories of bustin' a move at John Mellencamp concerts still stand out in my mind. I think of Uncle Kevin every time I hear a Mellencamp song, but this one, with the clapping rhythm and great lyrics gets me every time.

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Chris Knight said...

Hey Sarah, this is Chris Knight: the Transformers score fanatic :-) I just started up a new Twitter account ('cuz I saw that I wasn't really using my original one in over a year) and "moved" everyone that had been following me on it to the new one. Am enjoying your reports and your blog, good lady! :-)

God bless,
p.s.: I'm gonna put a link to your blog finally on mine in the next few days 'cuz I'm working on a big update to it :-)