Sunday, August 2, 2009

Colorado Rocks!

Can you believe that THIS is only about 80 minutes away from my house? Actually, I can find this 20 minutes from my house, but who wants to camp that close to home?

For many years, I didn't go up into the mountains very often. Anything above Denver's 5,280 ft was difficult. Camping had to be done at lakes (although very enjoyable) and hiking was completely out of the question.

Now is a different story. Now...

We hike. (Nine miles on the Colorado Trail at Little Scraggy)

We eat.

We watch CavemanTV.

We live in tents.

No showers. No laptops. It could not be more fun.

1 comment:

Christina C. said...

fantastic photos!
my boyfriend and I did something similar this summer... we went out to a cabin near Mt Lassen in CA.
Camping is fun stuff. :)