Saturday, November 5, 2011

Link Round Up - Crafty Goodness

Oh, for an extra hour in the day! There would be no limit to what us crafty types would accomplish!

Of course, sleep is always a terrific option too :-)

  • For those of you like Chris and me who think the crust is the best part, these lattice cookies look to die for.
  • Can art be practical? Yes! Especially if you have tons of thread laying around. Make them beautiful with this framed spool holder.
  • Just what I need...another afghan to make. But this Missoni pattern and the colors have already spurred me to look through my yarn stash.
  • Once we figure out how to bring more light into the hallway, these herb planters are going up. It's not like we don't have plenty of mason jars.
  • This painting is definitely going to be made for the new office. I planned it even before I picked the office colors.
I can tell I am going to be busy when the choir season ends.

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