Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in Images

Happy New Year!

For us, 2009 was a year of many changes - most good (but expensive) and some not so good. But we persevered and here we are!

The highs of 2009 were plentiful.
  • Buying our first home together. We love our new home with our small living room and ginormous kitchen. We love the challenge of making this place our own.
  • Stable and steady jobs for both us this year.
  • Welcoming Jeely, our rescue mutt, into our home. She could possibly be the Happiest Dog Alive(tm) as that tail rarely doesn't wag.
  • A rainy lush summer that triggered a love for all things green in our beautiful yard.
  • Singing together for the first time in the same choir and having it bring us closer together.
The lows? Nah. We're making a fresh start here with a new year. Never mind the lows.

Below are some of the images from 2009 gathered into a slide show. What's missing from this slide show are any images from my choirs which represent a huge part of my life. It is tough to sing and photograph yourself at the same time. So choirs, next year expect to see that camera!

Happy 2010 and thank you all for being a part of our lives.

2009 in Images from Txgrrl on Vimeo.

(Soundtrack is "The Aspidistra Files" by Stars. Video works better with HD off)

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