Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First World Gratitude

Back on Thanksgiving, I published a list of 50 things for which I am grateful. I struggled with 50 and decided to stop at 25, but the more I listed the more I was able find. But while it is great to be thankful for caramel macchiatos, I decided to take my gratitude back to the basics.

I am grateful that...
  • I can walk my dog in open spaces without being afraid or even thinking about land mines.
  • I can speak my mind without fear of being thrown into prison.
  • I have access to clean, fresh water anytime I want by turning a faucet.
  • I can choose and switch my own religion without fear of my family wanting to kill me.
  • I survived to be an adult protected against life-threatening diseases like polio.
  • I can go outside of my house with my head and legs uncovered without my husband, father or brother as a chaperone.
  • I never needed to fear the "rite" of genital mutilation.
America isn't perfect by any means and I am grateful to live here for more than the above reasons, but let's face it, the world is full of suck. The following are links to the some of the above issues if you are compelled to learn more to help reduce it.

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